Monday, April 30, 2012

The price is right

Gordon and I met at Hennepin County Library today for coworking.

Was it a coincidence that the second floor, also known as the Jobs and Small Business Center, happened to be where we were storming?

It is becoming clear that this year is going to be stellar.  Our communication styles seem to be syncing, both literally and metaphorically.  Today, I set up, so if you have an extra minute, drop him a line and type hello!

The main tasks on my plate is to fix the website, update the business plan, hire staff, and source funding options and credit lines.  While Gordon is busy pricing out our gear list, clearing his PC, establishing relations with paddleboard vendors and potential food operators in the twin cities.  I think SeaSalt could be a great partnership with our tour packages...  Does anyone have a contact over there??

1 comment:

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