Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First week in operation!

Our first tour was a success!  Check out the photos here.  We took 7 clients, one celebrating her 50th birthday, the others just enjoying some friend-time on the river.  Since this was our first tour, we also brought 2 extra guides along to gain experience on the river.

We decided not to use Groupon this year.  The sales rep, Clare, was really polite and easy to work with, but in the end, we chose to leave our rates low, which are the same prices Groupon wanted to say were 'discounted 50%.'  Some of the Groupon managers decided that this wouldn't work in their model since it wasn't giving customers a perceived 50% reduction in value and so we had to part ways.

One lesson I learned this morning is to ALWAYS check messages before going to bed.  I returned a call too late from a WCCO reporter who called yesterday wanting to do a story on our paddleboards today! (any other reporters out there looking for a good time?)  Gordon is doing a great job of helping me stay positive and present, looking towards the future instead of dwelling in the missed opportunity.