Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finished 2011 Taxes. Yesterday.

The calendar reminded me that yesterday was Tax Day (Observed).

Turbotax already had most of my information and the form was awaiting a W-2 from my old employer, Catalyst Community Partners, to be uploaded.  I had met with some beautiful people earlier in the day, during a weekly Centering Prayer meeting (which is something like Christian meditation if you didn't know), and was surprised to hear that retired people still pay taxes!  Since I feel so blessed by this group, I was excited to share the way small businesses allow you to deduct expenses related to that business from your taxes.  Many of these older people mentor, volunteer, write, paint, and brainstorm with their time and so this, in my understanding, legitimates a small business!  It seems like there is a need for a small business 101 workshop...
Nothing has been written in this blog about what the staff did during the winter months (Probably should do this in a future post), but I will give you a teaser lesson which was learned.

Karma tries to teach us lessons.  Once the lesson is learned, the karma goes away.

Whether we believe in karma or not, or whether we know what karma is or not, the message is still relevant.  And the lesson learned from finishing a previously started tax return on tax day was that preparation is a seed which can grow into a tree of calmness, with two of the fruits being happiness and presence.  Both things everyone can enjoy.

What lessons is karma teaching you?

Happy planting!

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