Thursday, April 19, 2012

Job applications and web malware

I posted job applications on FB and craigslist last week and have been waiting for the resumes to start piling up.  Last year, I received 20 apps in the first week.  This year is different with only 2 apps, however, I am excited because the two apps have been referrals of people I know!  Word of mouth referrals are a great way to match people's skills with companies needs.  I have high hopes for the interview I will schedule next week!

I went to, my website, after a long winter break to find this warning screen from Google Chrome:

You can imagine my fear.  I am a partially self-taught, partial mentor-taught, novice webmaster and find malware removal to be just outside my skill set.  I contacted my old web mentor and hope he will be able to send me some advice.  Maybe this is a reason the apps haven't been piling up?


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