Thursday, September 8, 2011

Entrepreneurship - a relationship killer?

Separating your business life from your personal life....  Work/life balance...  These simple sentences seem like advanced calculus to this backyard business owner.  With so many demands from suppliers, clients, partners, competitors, and regulators, and a seemingly always-growing task list, just how does one balance anything, let alone something as fragile and important as another person's feelings.  

This has been one of the latest trials I have found myself in and currently am working through.  It calls into question the very reason for working, trying, being...  I have said before that businesses are like relationships, well this analogy (like most) breaks down quickly.  A business cannot provide us with warmth on a cold night, listening ear on a bad day, or any kind of intimate personal connection!  Things it can do: mask fears by coddling our ego, occupying our psyche, and potentially destroying any chance of a relationship with a real human.  

Maybe I just need to figure out what work/life balance really means?

From my dining room table in St. Paul,
- Austin

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