Monday, August 1, 2011

Adjusting boards, menus and attitudes

Just as it is with most things in life, modifications and adjustments have to be made in re-sponse/action to experiences. some people refer to this as 'smoothing out the kinks' or 'hammering out the details', etc.

Well we have found that our boards don't seem to 'track' as straight as some people want, and so instead of teaching advanced stroke techniques, we made 'runners':

We tried a couple adhesives, and are still waiting for the perfect glue. It turns out the marine glue we used was too brittle and broke with any large impact on the trailer. The silicone was more flexible here, but didn't seem to have a strong enough adhesive. We are going to keep trying different adhesives until we find the right sticky stuff.

Our menu has been changing on our extended and full Paddle Pubs. We struggled finding a local juice that is packaged in a pouch or juice box. The closest thing we found was a non-local juice box from Whole Foods. While these are easy to transport, they aren't as tasty as, let's say, a raspberry iced tea from Common Roots Cafe.... Does anyone know of a local juice box company?

We are getting really excited to finish the summer strong. The weather is just about perfect and people are spending more time in the sun, soaking up the last few rays before fall reminds us of winter. We were very priviledged to have R.T. come on a tour and share his thoughts about Minneapolis. Having a down-to-earth politician is rare...

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