Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the power of curiosity: part 1

No woman is an island.
You've probably heard, read, or shared this before.  So it's not big news: we live in community...  In relation to one another. But what does this really mean?  And what do we actually bring into these complex interactions?  When standing on a paddleboard, (or kneeling, planking, balancing, falling, rising) one can easily feel the energy (in the form of waves or splashing) we create with our friends.  Does the why or how this energy is shared, mean anything?  Do our own intentions change these meanings?

You may agree, it's difficult to experience any sensation (visual, audible, etc.) without sending it through our logic filter.  It seems like this filter is layered with mostly unchanging presumptions, prejudices, understandings, and certainties.  "My brother splashed me because he likes to annoy me."  Sometimes these findings may be right...  But what about when they're not?  If we project our own intentions onto everything around us, what does this mean about our own reality?

Can we change our reality by changing our intentions?  Can we re-interpret the way we see and experience everything and everyone?  Can we turn a hurting-relationship into a life-giving trees of joy and abundance?  Dead-end jobs into stepping stones towards our dreams? Can we do any of this by simply focusing on our own intentions?

Want to give it a try?

Imagine: 35+ year-old surfer.  Tattoos everywhere.  Hard face.  Strong arms.

What thoughts come to mind?

Now watch this video:

The power of curiosity is rarely under-stood.

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