Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yoga Video and Inaugural Tour Complete

We have been working like crazy over here...

Check out our latest production:

Streaming Studios - Paddleboard Yoga from Patrick Tracy on Vimeo.

We just finished the video shoot for the Paddle-Pub tours.  We have one scene to re-shoot tomorrow, and then it will be done.  I am so happy for friends/professionals who know how to work efficiently.  Thanks Dave Pederson and Patrick Tracy!

I just posted ads on craiglist for tour guides.  I'm hoping to get a few solid applicants to lead tours, and build a yoga/pilates package over the next couple weeks...  Then this project should really take off!

Tomorrow's tasks? Open business bank account, finish business plan, look into loan packages, contact local artists to paint boards, research partners for marketing, cross-promotion, and sponsors.

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